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Ngā mino moni tara ā-whare

Domestic currency borrowings

​We can borrow in New Zealand dollars through wholesale and retail bond issuance, including green bonds.

Retail Bonds

We have fixed-rate retail bonds that are listed on the NZX Limited Debt Market (NZDX).

These bonds are debt securities that pay a fixed rate of interest until their maturity date.

The bonds are secured by the first ranking charge over all of our property rates and property rates revenue.

Refer to NZDX  for the current trading price and market announcements, and to find out the next interest payment date for each of the bonds.

We recommend you talk to an authorised financial adviser with any questions you have about whether you should buy, sell or continue to hold retail bonds.

Retail Bond Series Notices

Retail bonds Trust Deeds

​Wholesale investors

We borrow from the wholesale market through a Secured Medium Term Note Programme for long term borrowings, and a Commercial Paper Programme for borrowings of less than a year.

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