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Pēhea ai e tautapa i tētahi wāhi kia tiakina hei wāhi tuku ihotanga

How to nominate for heritage protection

Check the nomination guidelines

Read the nomination guidelines for historic heritage places:

How we evaluate the significance of heritage places

The Auckland Unitary Plan sets out criteria for evaluating the significance of heritage places and the level of significance required for inclusion in the heritage schedule.

The criteria for historic heritage places are:

  • historical values
  • social values
  • mana whenua values
  • knowledge values
  • technology values
  • physical attributes
  • aesthetic values
  • context of a heritage place.

Historical values

The place needs to either:

  • reflect important aspects of national, regional or local history
  • be associated with an important event, person, group of people or idea, or an early period of settlement within the nation, region or locality.

Social values

The place has a strong or special association with a particular community or cultural group for its cultural values.

Mana whenua values

The place has a strong or special association with mana whenua for its cultural values.

Knowledge values

The place may provide knowledge or contribute to an understanding of the cultural or natural history of the nation, region or locality.

Technology values

The place demonstrates technical accomplishment, innovation or achievement in its structure, construction, components or use of materials.

Physical attributes

The place is a notable or representative example of:

  • a type, design, method of construction, craftsmanship or use of materials, or
  • the work of a notable architect, designer engineer or builder.

Aesthetic values

The place is notable or distinctive for its aesthetic, visual, or landmark qualities.

Context of a heritage place

The place contributes to or is associated with:

  • a wider historical or cultural context
  • streetscape
  • townscape
  • landscape or setting.

How to submit your nomination

 By email

Email the completed form to our Heritage Unit at

 By post

Send the completed form and any supporting documents to:

Heritage Information Management

Heritage Unit
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Victoria Street West
Auckland 1142

 In person

Bring the completed form and any supporting documents to one of our libraries with council services.

Our tip

We prefer electronic files.
Scan and copy the original photographs or documents.
If you want to send files over 10MB, send them in parts, convert them to smaller file formats (e.g. PDF files) or copy them onto a CD to send to us.

What happens next

A nomination does not result in a place being automatically protected. A nomination is the first important part of the process.

Our evaluation of a nomination

We conduct an evaluation that:

  • identifies whether the place, tree, site, or area is of heritage value
  • gathers together the information known on the nominated place, tree, site, or area
  • determines the significance of the place, tree, site, or area and its eligibility for inclusion in the unitary plan for heritage protection.

We will consider:

  • if scheduling is the most appropriate way of managing the place
  • if scheduling would allow reasonable use of the place into the future
  • whether we have granted any consents for the place.

Our tip

We give priority to nominations that clearly identify the values associated with a place and the community to which it is significant, and are supported by relevant background information.

Our planning process

We then progress the nomination as part of future projects, such as an area-based heritage survey, through a plan change to the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Through a planning process, any person with an interest in the place has an opportunity to submit for or against the proposal before a final decision is made.

We may consider areas or groups of places that don't meet the threshold for inclusion in the heritage schedule for inclusion as special character areas.

If you need help to complete the form

Contact our Heritage Information Management team:

09 301 0101