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Apply for a minor variation to your building consent

E tono mō tētahi panonitanga iti noa nei ki tō whakaaetanga hanga whare

An on-site building inspector can approve minor variations.

Check if you need to apply for a minor variation

This information is aimed at builders, designers and project managers.

It assumes a knowledge and understanding of the Building Act 2004 (the Act) and its requirements that most homeowner applicants will not have.

Work must be minor in nature and not affect compliance with the building code. Minor variations must be applied for and approved before the work can proceed

Examples of a minor variation are:

  • substituting one internal lining for a similar internal lining
  • substituting the type of timber treatment
  • minor wall bracing changes
  • a change to a component (for example, fixing bracket)
  • a construction change (for example, the framing method around a window when the window is changed to a door)
  • changing a room's layout (for example, the position of fixtures in a bathroom or kitchen)
  • changing one brand of insulation for another
  • building work described in schedule 1 of the Building Act 2004.

In some cases, plans will need to accompany the application form (two copies). View the guide on the Building Performance website for more information.

Talk to your building inspector if you are unsure about whether an amendment (major variation) or a minor variation is required.

Application fee

There is no fee for a minor variation.

How to apply for a minor variation

Give the completed application, including all accompanying documents, to the on-site building inspector.

If you know your inspector's email address, you can also send it to them directly.


Our tip

All building inspectors have a digital version of this application form that can be completed on-site during your next inspection. Ensure you have all additional paperwork for the proposed change.

Minor variation to approved plans

What happens next

The on-site building inspector will decide whether to issue you with approval to proceed with the works as a minor variation, or you need to apply for an amendment (major variation).

The inspector may not be able to make the decision immediately.

All changes must be approved before work proceeds.

Detailed information on amendments and minor variations

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