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Te Whakawātea puna wai kaukau

Remove a pool

You do not need a building consent to remove or demolish a residential or small heated pool.

Our tip

If you want to remove your in-ground swimming pool, you need to ensure that the backfill is properly compacted. Engage a professional engineer to certify the compacted fill.
If you want to keep the pool and backfill it, punch a hole in the base to allow water to drain and then compact it.

Apply to remove your pool from our register

To let us know that you have removed your pool you need to:

  • apply to remove a pool
  • include a photo showing where the pool was and - if possible - what it originally looked like.

We can then remove your pool from our swimming pool register and suspend future inspections.

You should know

If we have recently visited your property to confirm the removal of your pool, we will still charge the inspection fee.

​How to apply to remove your pool from our register


​Apply now

We only accept online applications for this service. If you are unable to apply digitally, visit one of our libraries with council services for assistance in making your online application.

Call us on 09 301 0101 to speak with our building and planning help desk if you have questions regarding your application.

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