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What to do if your tree is dangerous and requires urgent removal

Me aha koe inā he mōrearea te tū a te rākau nāu me te arohia kia wawe tōna turakihia

When you can remove a tree without a resource consent

You can remove a tree without a resource consent if the tree:

  • falls on a house
  • has just fallen or split, or
  • may cause an injury.

What you need to urgently remove a protected tree

You will need written advice from a professional arborist.

The advice will need to state:

  • why the tree needs urgent removal
  • description of the condition of the tree.

You also need to provide photographs showing the urgency.

What happens next

Bring or send us any relevant documentation within seven days so that we can update our records.

 In person

​At one of our service centres. Choose the one nearest to the address of your property.

 By post

​Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142