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Puka aratohu utu mō te nehu, tahu rānei

Burial or cremation fee guide

​Burial costs

It's difficult to give an overall cost for an average burial.

Some of the costs involved

Cost of a burial plot

The cost ranges from $2200 to $8400 for a plot that allows for two body burials and up to sixteen sets of ashes.

Burial plots can be purchased in advance in most cemeteries, but if no burial has taken place within 60 years of purchase, the plot returns to the ownership of the council.

Digging fees

Digging fees range from $1200 to $2000 and must be paid at the time of the burial.

Additional fees

Additional fees apply for burials on weekends, public holidays, and after hours.

In addition to the cemetery fees there will be costs for:

  • the funeral director
  • embalming (if chosen)
  • casket or shroud
  • flowers
  • celebrant
  • venue
  • headstone.

Cremation costs

The cost of an adult cremation at a council crematorium is $650.

There are additional costs for services on weekends and public holidays.

In addition to the council fees there will be costs for:

  • the funeral director
  • cremation paperwork
  • embalming (if chosen)
  • casket or shroud
  • flowers
  • celebrant
  • venue.

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