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Te nehunga pungarehu

Burial of ashes

How to book an ash burial

Choose a cemetery

Use our Find a cemetery location search to check the burial options offered at each cemetery.

Once you select the cemetery, contact them directly to book a plot.

We need 24 hours' notice to make changes to the booking.

Ash burial options

Plot burials: Up to eight sets of cremated remains can be buried within a plot with the permission of the exclusive burial right holder.

Ashes, garden and lawn memorials: Plots for two sets of ashes. Flat plaques of granite or bronze may be placed on the surrounding grass verge.

Family memorial gardens: Tree memorials offer up to sixteen plots for the interment of ashes.

Columbarium (niche) wall: Up to two urns of ashes may be placed within each niche in the columbarium walls.

Things to consider about burying ashes

Ash plots

  • Ashes must remain inside the ash urn and the urn placed into the burial plot.
  • Ash plots are for human ashes only. Do not put personal belongings such as clothes, cards or letters into the plot.
  • Our trained team prepare the ash plots as per specifications listed in Cemeteries and Crematoria Bylaw 2014.
  • You cannot scatter ashes over the top of a plot.

Double ash burial

You can choose to bury two sets of ashes at the same time. This is called a 'double ash burial'.

There is only one fee for a double ash burial.

Flowers, wreaths and adornments (decorations)

You can leave wreaths, flowers and adornments on top of the ash plot for up to 28 days after the burial.

Flowers and adornments must be kept within approved receptacles or on the concrete berm in a cemetery. They should not encroach onto the lawn area or neighbouring plots.

Guests to the ash burial ceremony

If you want to invite guests to attend the ash burial ceremony, you should check for any attendance restrictions or guidelines based on your chosen burial location.

Ash burial at main cemetery

On the day of the ash burial

Before your booking time, our grounds team will dig the plot for you.

When you arrive, get in touch with the cemetery office (if open) to find out about the guidelines for burial. A sexton team member may be present to assist you.

You can go to your plot and place the urn inside.

You can then:

  • backfill (top up) the plot with the soil that is placed to the side of the plot, or
  • cover the plot with the lid after placing the urn.

Our team will top up the plot after everyone has left.

Ash burial at a satellite cemetery

The process of burying ashes at a satellite cemetery may vary from that of the main cemetery.

On the day of the ash burial

Our grounds team will dig and prepare the plot about one hour prior to your burial booking time.

A sexton team member may also be present onsite while you bury the ashes.

When you arrive at the cemetery, you can go straight to your plot and place the urn inside.

You can then:

  • backfill the plot with the soil that is placed to the side of the plot, or
  • place the urn into the plot.

Our grounds team will be present to backfill and tidy up.

Unassisted ash burials

Burials outside of office hours (after 4pm Monday-Saturday and all-day Sunday) are called unassisted ash burials.

Our team will dig the plot for you in advance and cover it with a board.

Upon arrival, you can directly place the urn inside your plot.

On the day of the ash burial

  • Bring a shovel with you to backfill the plot after placing the ashes.
  • When backfilling the plot ensure the soil is filled up to the top of the hole.
  • The burial plot must be free of any adornments or decorations. This helps our cemetery staff maintain the grounds.
  • Bring a small container with you to remove any water from the burial plot in case it rains while you are there.

Documents for burial

If you have burial rights, you will need to provide:

  • a copy of your burial rights certificate
  • a completed ash burial application.

If you don't have burial rights, you can contact us for purchasing a plot.

Get a copy of the ash burial forms

If you don't have burial rights to a plot, call or email us to schedule an appointment for a plot purchase at your preferred site.

Contact us

For information about burials, please call us on:

0800 4 CEMETERY (0800 423 638)

or email:

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