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Kimihia mena me whai raihana koe ki te tiaki manu me te heihei

Check if you need a licence to keep birds and poultry

​Keeping birds and poultry in rural areas

You do not need a licence if you want to keep animals in a rural area.

There are no restrictions on the number of chickens, poultry or other animals you may keep in rural areas and any property over 4000 square metres (one acre).

Restrictions on the type and number of stock or poultry

Some legacy district plans have restrictions on the type and number of stock or poultry that you can keep on a rural property.

Contact us to check if your property has any restrictions.

Keeping birds and poultry in urban areas

You may need to apply for an animal licence if you want to keep a large number of poultry.

Number of birds and poultry you can keep without a licence

This table shows the number of poultry you can keep without a licence, as long as it does not cause nuisance issues for your neighbours:

​Type of poultry​Properties smaller than 2000 square metres​Properties larger than 2000 square metres
​Chickens (excludes roosters)​6​12

Our tip

Check the Auckland Unitary Plan to see if your property is in an urban or rural zone.

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