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Dispute a dog fine

Whakahē i te whaina kurī

Write a letter of dispute

You can write to us about an infringement notice to:

  • dispute what happened
  • ask for an extension of time to pay
  • ask for a hearing about the alleged offence.

Sign all documents you send to us.

If someone else writes for you, send us a written authorisation for that person to write on your behalf.

Send your letter to:

Animal Administration
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142

Ask for a dispute hearing

If you want to go to a hearing you can:

  • deny the offence and ask for a defended hearing - the district court will consider your objection
  • admit the offence and ask for the fine to be reduced - the court will decide whether to reduce the fine based on documents you and we provide.

You will need to pay $30 to the court to cover costs of the hearing.

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