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Te whaina kurī me ngā hapa ā-ture

Dog fines and infringements

When you can get a fine

You can get a fine if you do not:

  • keep your dog under control
  • remove your dog’s faeces from a public place
  • register your dog
  • advise us of a change of dog ownership.

For more information, see Dog owner's obligations.

What we can do

We can issue you an infringement notice and charge an infringement fee if you breach the Dog Control Act 1996 or a bylaw made under that act.

We may decide to issue a warning notice instead of an infringement for a limited number of offences.

For some offences, the court can impose a higher maximum penalty if we decide to prosecute you.

What we can do if you fail to control your dog

If your dog has caused injury, damaged property or endangered people or other animals, we can:

  • imprison you (in serious cases)
  • seize and impound your dog
  • classify your dog as menacing or dangerous
  • classify you as probationary or disqualified.

Other people may also take civil or criminal action against you. They may file a lawsuit against you to recover expenses for vet services or property damage.

Infringement types and fees

For a list of infringement types and fees, see Schedule 1 of the Dog Control Act 1996.

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