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Ētahi tīwhiri mō te ārai me te aukati mahi tāpeita kaiauru

Tips on prevention and removal of graffiti vandalism

We manage graffiti removal and prevention in partnership with a wide range of government agencies, community groups and volunteers in local areas.

​How you can prevent graffiti vandalism

You can:

  • paint your wall or fence a dark colour (It is easier to keep a painted wall or fence graffiti-free as you can easily paint over the vandalism)
  • plant trees and flowers in front of your wall or fence
  • install outdoor lighting
  • install surveillance equipment.

How to remove graffiti vandalism

You can remove graffiti vandalism from unpainted walls or fences by sanding or water blasting them.

If possible, do it immediately.

Fresh graffiti may be removed using:

  • methylated spirits
  • turpentine
  • paint stripper
  • graffiti removal products
  • oven cleaner.

Our tip

Test on a small area first.

If you need to use chemical graffiti removal products

As the chemicals in graffiti removal products can be hazardous, always wear protective clothing, including a mask.

Protect the driveway and footpath from paint drops with a cloth or cover.