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About the Regional Arts and Culture Grants Programme

Eligibility for Regional Arts and Culture grants

Your group or organisation is eligible for funding if it meets the criteria for regional funding, and does one or more of the following:

  • represents specific art forms at the regional level
  • fulfils a 'sector infrastructure' role for arts and culture in Auckland, like through strategic advocacy, capacity and capability building
  • delivers programming to an Auckland-wide audience
  • is an iwi or other Māori organisation, involved in arts and culture activity
  • delivers arts and cultural experiences to under-served populations
  • delivers arts and cultural experiences in non-traditional settings.

Arts and culture: regional project and strategic relationship grants requirements

In addition to considering the Regional Arts and Culture Grants Programme and the desired outcomes and priorities, our grant advisors will assess your application against three categories in an assessment matrix:

  • eligibility check
  • project quality
  • prioritisation score.

Type of grants available

Grants awarded through regional funds will include a mix of:

  • 'one-off' and multi-year project grants for standalone initiatives
  • strategic relationship funding.

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