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Auckland Council

Fireworks, Guy Fawkes bonfires and sky lanterns


You can light fireworks only on private property, in a safe and considerate manner. You cannot light fireworks in public places like parks or footpaths unless you have approval from us.

Safety tips for fireworks on your property

  • Do not light fireworks in windy or dry conditions.
  • Do not point fireworks at any person, property or vegetation.
  • Follow handling instructions carefully.
  • Have water or fire extinguishers handy.
  • Always have an adult present.
  • Avoid using fireworks after 10pm and be considerate of your neighbours.
  • Keep pets inside or move animals to avoid stress.
  • As a courtesy, let your neighbours know in advance.

Guy Fawkes bonfires

Public land

It is illegal to light a fire outside in public places in the Auckland region unless we have given prior approval.

This applies to all:

  • beaches
  • parks
  • conservation areas
  • forests.

Residential private land

Bonfires are not allowed in residential areas at any time.

Rural private land

During Guy Fawkes (2-5 November), bonfires are allowed on private land in rural areas but must be lit during daylight hours and extinguish them before nightfall.

The bonfire should not be visible by anyone outside the property other than notified neighbours.

You have to:

Sky lanterns

Sky lanterns, also known as Chinese lanterns, are a fire risk when left to fly away.

You may only use sky lanterns if you can secure and fix them so they cannot float away.