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Guidelines for displaying goods on the footpath

Rārangi tohutohu mahi whakaatu rawa i te ara hīkoi

Outdoor display of goods

Using the footpath outside your business can be a great way to show customers the kinds of products you offer inside your store.

You don't need a licence to use the footpath outside your business to display your goods. However, this is public space so you need to make sure that your display:

  • is relevant to the goods or services sold within the shop
  • is neat and tidy, free from litter and objects that could fall or be blown into the path of pedestrians or traffic
  • is a maximum 600mm wide from the shop frontage and must always maintain a minimum of 1.8m of unobstructed footpath
  • is not within 5m of an intersection or 2m of a pedestrian crossing
  • has no sharp edges or protruding objects that could injure the public
  • does not display knives, firearms or dangerous and offensive objects
  • is not a point of sale, all items must be purchased inside the premises
  • does not use voice, music, amplified sound or any other material to attract customers
  • is removed from the public space outside of business hours
  • has a minimum of 2.5m clearance from the footpath for hanging goods.