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Te moemoeā a Koromatua Phil Goff mō Tāmaki Makaurau

Mayor Phil Goff's vision for Auckland

Mayor Phil Goff wants Auckland to be a world class city where talent wants to live.

The city Auckland needs to be

Auckland needs to be a city that encourages the best and brightest New Zealanders to stay in this country and attracts the skilled people, entrepreneurs and investment our city and country need.

New Zealand needs Auckland to be a city able to compete with other global cities.

Our task is to build on the incredible advantages Auckland offers.

Auckland is growing and prosperous.  Our goal is for Auckland to be inclusive so that all can share in its benefits and reach their potential.

An Auckland that is tolerant, harmonious and respects people’s rights is a stable, safe and peaceful place to live.

Auckland’s diversity and cultural richness

Auckland celebrates its diversity and cultural richness.  It enjoys a strong mana whenua presence which gives New Zealand its unique culture and point of difference with rest of the world.

It is the largest Polynesian city in the world and draws strength from its European, Asian and diverse ethnic communities.

We want Auckland to be a high performing city, strongly governed and managed, efficient and transparent in how it provides services to its people.

Addressing climate change

Climate change is a critical issue for our city, our country and globally. Acting urgently to address the risks it poses to our environment and to future generations is essential if we are to leave a positive legacy for our children and grandchildren.

While tackling climate change will require a response at the global and national level, as a city we must show leadership and do our part by working to reduce carbon emissions, moving towards a circular economy and protecting our environment.

Auckland's outstanding environment

Auckland has one of the most beautiful environments of any city.

We must sustain and enhance our harbours, and our thousand beaches, our maunga, parks and reserves.

Auckland offers recreational, sporting, arts, cultural, entertainment and dining opportunities which make the city an interesting and fun place to be.

Learning, business and innovation

Auckland is a centre of learning.  It is innovative and entrepreneurial.  It is a place which provides choice and opportunity in employment because it is a city of scale.

We must build on these strengths and meet the challenges that rapid population growth brings.

Addressing housing shortages

We will work to lift the pace and scale of housing construction and regeneration to tackle housing shortages and unaffordability.

We will develop more intensive housing that is well-designed, serviced by excellent infrastructure and enjoys attractive public open spaces.

Through visionary place-making, we will create stronger communities and great places to live.

Improving Auckland's transport

We will build a strong public transport service – busways, rail and light rail services - and use new technology to reduce the city's congestion problems.

We will expand our active transport modes including our walk and cycle ways so people can easily and safely get around our city.

We will improve our road networks to ensure it better meets the needs of Aucklanders.

And we will encourage the transition to electric vehicles to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

Caring for Auckland's environment

Our vision is for a clean, green city which properly addresses the disposal of wastewater, improves the health of our streams and harbours and reduces waste streams such as plastic bags.

We will plant a million mainly native trees in each term of the council, to tackle erosion and siltation, absorb carbon emissions and make our city an attractive and pleasant place to live in.

International events

In 2021, when Auckland hosts the APEC Conference and the America's Cup Challenge, we will demonstrate to the world that our city is world class, beautiful, smart and well run,  and a great place to live, visit and invest in.

Mayoral intent for the 10-year budget   

​Mayoral proposal for the 10-year budget

The mayor delivered his proposal for the 10-year budget 2018-2028 at the Finance and Performance committee meeting on 30 November. Watch the meeting or read the proposal.

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