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Auckland Council

Million Trees

Kotahi Miriona Rākau

​What is Million Trees?

Million Trees is a programme for greening Auckland that will plant a million trees and shrubs, mostly native, across the region over three years.

The programme will green our city, offset carbon emissions, protect our water quality by planting along rivers and coastlines and improve our living environment.

Matariki Tree Planting video


Our partners

Planting a million trees, shrubs and grasses will take an enormous effort from many people and organisations, and it would not be possible without the support of our key partners:

  • Department of Corrections is providing nursery space and labour through their prisons and community offender services in the Auckland region. This partnership provides us with capacity to grow the necessary stock, and labour to assist with site preparation, planting and maintenance.
  • Trees That Count will count all the trees that the council intends to plant. It will collaborate with us to promote the need to plant native trees across the Auckland region and leverage technology and innovation to support the ongoing collection of monitoring data.

Ongoing work

There is already a lot of great planting work happening in Auckland via our local boards, iwi, schools, service and social sector groups, private entities, farmers, the council group, New Zealand Transport Association and developers.

Million Trees will work alongside all of these groups to facilitate the planting of a million trees in three years and accelerate projects where possible. 

Sweet Treat

Million Trees and Department of Corrections are gifting 110 fruit trees to local schools.

Auckland gets green

The first year of the programme saw approximately 174,000 trees, shrubs and grasses planted across Auckland.

We will build on this progress in 2018, with more than 500,000 trees and shrubs set to go in the ground this planting season.


All plants in Million Trees are sourced locally.

This is because local species adapt better to local conditions and have a higher likelihood of survival.

Plantings for 2018

Where How many trees, plants, shrubs
Hūnua Ranges 140,000
Atiu Creek Regional Park 60,000
Tāpapakanga Regional Park 53,000
Puhinui Reserve 40,000
Tōtara Park 20,000
Harbourview-Orangihina Reserve 10,000
Te Irirangi Drive 10,000
Pūkaki Crater 10,000
Sanders Reserve 6,784
Tāwharanui Regional Park 6,200
Rosebank Domain 6,000
Slipper Lake 5,580
Maungarei / Mount Wellington 5,000
Tuff Crater 4,000
Ōmaha Sandcliffs 3,410
Ōtara Creek 3,100
Tararata Creek 3,000
Kurt Brehmer Walkway 3,000
Point England Reserve 2,800
Titan Place (Weiti River) 2,565
Scandrett Regional Park 2,500
Old School Reserve 2,000
Metro Park East 1,900
Victoria Street, Riverhead 1,400
O'Neill's Cemetery 1,200
Palm Beach and Onetangi Beach 1,100
Trimdon Street Reserve 1,000
Te Whau Reserve 855
Stanmore Bay 850
Chelsea Heritage Park 850
Barbados Reserve 850
Onepoto Domain 500
Huapai Riverbank Service Centre 385
Pūhoi Pioneer Memorial Park 300
Matakana Wharf Reserve 271
Rainbows End Reserve 250
Parry Kauri Park 100


Planting location map for the million Trees programme.