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Rocky Bay Beachfront Path

Walking time 40 mins

Walking steps 2080 steps

Cycling time 20 mins

Distance 1.6 km

Starts at 5 Glen Brook Road, Omiha

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About the path

Easy stroll or bike ride around some of the quietest roads on Waiheke. Great for beginning cyclists, or your first walk. Explore Kuakarau Bay, named after one of Waiheke’s seasonal guests, the bar-tailed godwit. barbecue, pebble beach, playground, toilets all on hand, so this is a great place to bring the kids for a fun-filled afternoon, especially when the tide is in. Close to the Rocky Bay bus stop and the Omiha Memorial Hall, with a café operating most weekends.

Start your ramble at the Omiha Memorial Hall, by the bus stop roundabout. You can start your exploration on quiet Pōhutukawa Avenue, a lovely dead-end gravel road that takes you past the historic boat sheds, one of the most-photographed spots on the island. This is a good road for beginning bike riders, a great spot to get your bearings. Return to the roundabout and turn left into McMillan Road and before you know it you’re at Kuakarau Bay, with a stunning sculpture, a beautiful stream and a lovely open field with playground and toilets. Plenty to explore here along the beach. There is a coastal track at the far end of the beach – go for a wander if you’re keen to explore a bit more.

The route continues around Wairua Road and Valley Road and past some lovely properties of yesteryear. Note the lack of fences: this is still an old fashioned local community. Back at McMillan Road, turn left to end up where you started.

Easy walking or cycling circuit, very quiet and safe.


  • Playground
  • Public artwork
  • Public toilet

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