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Hobson Bay West Path

Walking time 60 mins

Walking steps 4550 steps

Distance 3.5 km

Starts at 114 Brighton Road, Parnell

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About the path

This scenic, tide dependent stroll that hugs the coastline of Hobson Bay, is for confident walkers.

Enjoy the great views over Auckland, Hobson Bay and Rangitoto Island from this unique vantage point.

Start on Brighton Road in Parnell. Follow the steps down to the walkway and along the boardwalk.

You'll come to a set of steps down to the small beach - this section can only be walked at low tide. Beware of low-hanging branches and slippery rocks as you skirt around the water's edge - and expect your shoes to get a bit of sand and mud on them!

The path heads along residential streets for a short section before joining back up with Awatea Reserve. See how many boats and yachts you can spot from clearings in the clifftop bush.

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