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Coast to Coast Path (Grafton to Maungakiekie)

Walking time 90 mins

Walking steps 8485 steps

Distance 6.527 km

Starts at 260 Khyber Pass Rd, Grafton, Auckland 102

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About the path

Journey from Grafton to Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill, climbing to the top of the highest point in Auckland along the way.

This path takes 90 minutes one way, so we recommend using the buses around Cornwall Park to get home or back to the Grafton Train Station.

This path is part two of the Coast to Coast Walkway, which takes you from Waitematā Harbour through to Manukau Harbour.

If you haven’t already, walk part one, (City to Auckland Domain/Pukekawa) and give part three (Cornwall Park to Manukau Harbour) a go on another day.

This path starts at the Grafton Train Station. Get onto Park Road from the train station, which leads onto Mountain Road. Continue along Mountain Road before taking a right onto Clive Road.

As you head down Clive Road, you'll see Maungawhau/Mt Eden towering above you.

Take a slight left onto Puhi Huia Road. Keep an eye out for the sign that says Maungawhau / Mt Eden and you'll know you’re heading in the right direction.

Maungawhau/Mt Eden is the highest natural point in Auckland. It was once a thriving Māori pā (fortified village). Huge gardens once spread from the base of Maungawhau/Mt Eden through to the modern-day Mt Eden suburb.

Puhi Huia Road leads to the summit and is named for Puhihuia, a highborn daughter of Te Waiohua iwi.

The climb to the summit requires a moderate level of fitness, but is well worth the 360-degree view at the top.

Be careful as you head down the mountain, particularly as you get onto the track that goes down to Owens Road. This is a gravel track and parts of it are steep.

As you exit onto Owens Road, you'll have arrived in the suburb of Epsom.

You'll walk through some of the streets in Epsom for about 10 minutes before you head through the University of Auckland Epsom campus, nestled between beautiful pōhutukawa trees.

As you leave the campus, you'll spot Melville Park, which has accessible toilets and a playground. If you do the walk on a Saturday from October to March, you might catch a cricket match.

The walk finishes in Cornwall Park. The 425-acre space was gifted to New Zealand by Auckland Merchant Sir John Logan Campbell in 1901. You can see a memorial fountain and statue of him near the entrance to the park.


  • Drinking fountain
  • Playground
  • Public toilet
  • Sports field

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