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Coast to Coast Walkway

Description of the walk

The Coast to Coast walk is a hike across Auckland, from Waitematā to Manukau.

It takes you through landscapes shaped by 600 years of Māori occupation, and through some of our finest natural and built heritage areas offering panoramic views along the way.

Length of the walkway


Route of the walk

We have split the walk into three easy parts. Do one at a time, or if you're adventurous you could tackle all three in one day:

Wildlife and native trees you can see on this walk

Native birds include the iridescent blue kingfishers (kōtare), fantail (pīwakawaka), tūī and the wood pigeon (kererū).

You will see other bird species including the sparrow, blackbird, thrush, and rock pigeons in the parks.

Large grassy areas attract the large black and white magpie and bright green and red rosella, both Australian immigrants.

Whau trees still grow on Maungawhau (the hill of the whau tree). The trail passes a small forest of tōtara and rimu on the old volcano's southern slopes.

Cornwall Park's many native trees include an avenue of pūriri, which the trail follows, and a young kauri grove.