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Te Kōpuke / Tītīkōpuke / Mt St John Path

Walking time 30 mins

Walking steps 1300 steps

Distance 1000 m

Starts at 31 Mount Saint John Avenue, Epsom

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About the path

Te Kōpuke / Tītīkōpuke / Mt St John is a lesser-known maunga (mountain) and is one of Auckland’s oldest volcanoes. The exact age is unknown, but it is at least 75,000 years old, as the scoria cone is blanketed with ash erupted from Te Tātua a Riukiuta / Big King in that period.

Te Kōpuke means ‘the prominent mound’ and was a Māori pā (settlement) that once presided over a renowned gardening area. Another name is Tītīkōpuke. Historic food storage pits and terraces from the pā can still be seen. These are important cultural and archaeological features so avoid walking on or through them.

There is an intact crater with a short path around it, offering views to the nearby volcanoes Ōhinerau / Mt Hobson and Maungawhau / Mt Eden.

The crater is considered sacred, so please do not walk through it. Keep to formed paths around the crater rim.

This is a very quiet and peaceful maunga to visit if you want a quick escape from the city. It is mostly visited by local residents, so you won’t often see other people here.

Ownership of Te Kōpuke / Tītīkōpuke / Mt St John has been returned to mana whenua as part of a 2014 Treaty of Waitangi redress. It is managed by the Tūpuna Maunga Authority.

There are three pedestrian access points:

  • Mount Saint John Avenue
  • Belvedere Street
  • Market Road.

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