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Hī ika


​Where you can fish

Our tip

Fishing is allowed in some parks but strictly prohibited in others, especially marine reserves.
Check the rules for each park before fishing. Follow all Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) fishing regulations regarding bag limits, size limits, and closed or restricted areas.


Fishing on the west coast can be dangerous and waves are unpredictable.

Always wear a lifejacket.

Read more about Anawhata, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Ātiu Creek

Fishing is permitted at Ātiu Creek.

The headlands and rocky outcrops between Solomon's Bay and Mullet Creek offer the deepest water for surf casting.

Be careful near the water as the tidal currents are strong and dangerous.

Fishing is limited to the time around high tide because of the long mudflats that run out several hundred metres from the shoreline.

Read more about Ātiu Creek Regional Park.


The coast around Duder is very popular for fishing and collecting shellfish.

Read more about Duder Regional Park.

Glenfern Sanctuary

The wharf provides a good base for fishing, but avoid fishing when swimmers are using the area.

You can reach better fishing areas by boat from Glenfern.

Read more about Glenfern Sanctuary Regional Park.


Remember that fishing on the west coast can be dangerous as waves are unpredictable.

Always wear a lifejacket.

Read more about Huia, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Hunua Ranges

You can fish for trout on the Wairoa river from beyond the falls, through private land.

Check details with angling clubs.

Read more about Hunua Ranges Regional Park.


Remember that fishing on the west coast can be dangerous as waves are unpredictable.

Always wear a lifejacket.

Read more about Karekare, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

Long Bay

Fishing is prohibited in all areas of Long Bay Regional Park as the Long Bay Okura Marine Reserve runs along the park's entire coastline.

Read more about Long Bay Regional Park.


Land-based fishing enthusiasts can try for kahawai and snapper from the rocky outcrops of Mahurangi.

You can fish on Pudding Island over the low tide, but take extreme care with incoming tide.

Read more about Mahurangi Regional Park.


Take care when fishing off the rocks.

The powerful surf at Muriwai makes it dangerous to launch boats.

Read more about Muriwai Regional Park.


Remember that fishing off the rocks can be dangerous, as waves are unpredictable.

Always wear a lifejacket.

Read more about Piha, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.


Scandrett offers some good fishing opportunities with fishing being very popular from the rock shelf below Mullet Point.

Tide awareness is very important here as the area can be cut off at high tide.

Read more about Scandrett Regional Park.


Fishing is permitted and is a popular activity at Shakespear.

At high tide, you can surf cast off Army Bay.

Read more about Shakespear Regional Park.


An attractive coastal farm park, Tāpapakanga offers an accessible, pōhutukawa-edged beach from which to fish.

Read more about Tāpapakanga Regional Park.


Tāwharanui offers some good fishing opportunities on the south coast.

Fishing is strictly prohibited along the northern coastline, as defined by the Tāwharanui Marine Reserve.

All fishing or removal of shellfish, removal or destruction of driftwood, plant and marine animal life within the Tawharanui Marine Reserve area is strictly prohibited.

Read more about Tāwharanui Regional Park.


This is a good spot for fishing.

Read more about Tawhitokino Regional Park.


Waitawa offers a range of fishing opportunities from the Waitawa Wharf, beaches and rocky headlands.

Read more about Waitawa Regional Park.


Land-based fishing enthusiasts can try for kahawai and snapper at the mouth of the Pūhoi River.

Read more about Wenderholm Regional Park.


The Whatipu area is a spectacular area of coastal dunes and wetlands.

Read more about Whatipū, Waitākere Ranges Regional Park.

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