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Ōrākei Basin bookings and public availability

Ōrākei Basin public availability

The basin is closed to the public when it is booked by the Auckland Water Ski Club. The dates it is booked are listed on this page.

At all other times, motorised vessels are only permitted on Ōrākei Basin if towing water skiers.

For more information, see the Harbourmaster section of the Auckland Transport website.

Auckland Water Ski Club bookings

October 2021

​Day ​Time ​Reason for closure ​Area of basin being used
​Saturday 2 October ​8am-12pm ​AWS Starter Ski School ​Whole basin
​Sunday 3 October ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 6 October ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 9 October ​8am-12pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Sunday 10 October ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
Wednesday 13 October ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 16 October ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 17 October ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 20 October ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 23 October ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 24 October ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 27 October ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 30 October ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 31 October ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

November 2021


​Time ​Reason for closure ​Area of basin being used
​Wednesday 3 November ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 6 November ​Full day ​Waka Ama College Sports ​Whole basin
​Sunday 7 November Full day Waka Ama College Sports ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 10 November ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 13 November ​Full day ​Summer series round 1 Whole basin
​Sunday 14 November ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 17 November ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Saturday 20 November ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 21 November ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 24 November ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
Saturday 27 November ​8am-12pm Ski training ​Whole basin
​​Sunday 28 November 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

December 2021

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
Wednesday 1 December ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 4 December ​Full day ​Auckland Slalom ​Whole basin
​Sunday 5 December Full day ​Auckland Slalom ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 8 December 4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 11 December Full day ​Summer series round two ​Whole basin
​Sunday 12 December ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
Wednesday 15 December ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 18 December ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 19 December ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

January 2022

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
​Wednesday 5 January ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 8 January ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 9 January 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
Wednesday 12 January ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 15 January ​8am-12pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Sunday 16 January 9am-1pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Wednesday 19 January 4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 22 January 8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 23 January ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
Wednesday 26 January ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Thursday 27 January ​4pm-8pm AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Saturday 29 January ​8am-12pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Sunday 30 January ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

February 2022

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
Tuesday 1 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 2 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Club Night ​Whole basin
​Saturday 5 February ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 6 February 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 9 February 8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Thursday 10 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Friday 11 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Club Night ​Whole basin
​Saturday 12 February 8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 13 February ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Tuesday 15 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
Wednesday 16 February ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Friday 18 February ​Full day ​Tournament familiarisation ​Whole basin
​Saturday 19 February ​Full day Auckland 3 Event ​Whole basin
​Sunday 20 February Full day ​Auckland 3 Event ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 23 February ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Thursday 24 February ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Saturday 26 February ​Full day ​Waka Ama College Sports ​Whole basin
​Sunday 27 February 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

March 2022

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
Tuesday 1 March ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Friday 4 March ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Club Night ​Whole basin
​Saturday 5 March ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 6 March 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 9 March 4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Thursday 10 March ​8am-12pm NZ​TWSA Ski School ​Whole basin
​Friday 11 March ​Full day ​NZTWSA Ski School ​Whole basin
​Saturday 12 March Full day ​NZ Open ​Whole basin
​Sunday 13 March ​Full day ​NZ Open ​Whole basin
​Tuesday 15 March ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
Wednesday 16 March ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Thursday 17 March ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Junior Coaching ​Whole basin
​Saturday 19 March ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 20 March ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 23 March ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Friday 25 March ​4pm-8pm ​AWSC Club Night ​Whole basin
​Saturday 26 March ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 27 March ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Wednesday 30 March ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

April 2022

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
​Saturday 2 April ​8am-12pm ​Ski training Whole basin
​Sunday 3 April 9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 9 April Full day ​Club Champs ​Whole basin
​Sunday 10 April Full day ​Club Champs ​Whole basin
Wednesday 13 April ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 16 April Full day ​Young Mariners Regatta Whole basin
​Sunday 17 April Full day ​Young Mariners Regatta Whole basin
Wednesday 20 April ​4pm-8pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 23 April ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Sunday 24 April ​9am-1pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin
​Saturday 30 April ​8am-12pm ​Ski training ​Whole basin

May 2022

​Day ​Time Reason for closure​ Area of basin being used​
​Sunday 1 May 9am-1pm ​Ski training Whole basin

For more information about water ski training bookings, email the Auckland Water Ski Club at, or phone the club on 09 520 1530.

How to make a booking

To make a booking for the basin, contact us.

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