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Ōrākei Basin bookings and public availability

Ōrākei Basin public availability

The basin is closed to the public when it is booked by the Auckland Water Ski Club. The dates it is booked are listed on this page.

At all other times, motorised vessels are only permitted on Ōrākei Basin if towing water skiers.

For more information, see the Harbourmaster section of the Auckland Transport website.

Auckland Water Ski Club bookings

September 2019

Day Time Reason for closure Area of basin being used
Saturday 14 September8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 15 September9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 21 September8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 22 September9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 28 September8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 29 September9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone

October 2019

Day Time Reason for closure Area of basin being used
Wednesday 2 October4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 5 October8am-12pmAWSC Starter Ski SchoolWhole basin
Sunday 6 October9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 9 October4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 12 October8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 13 October9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 16 October4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 19 October8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 20 October9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 23 October4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 26 October8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 27 October9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 30 October4pm-8pmSchools team trainingWhole basin

November 2019

Day Time Reason for closure Area of basin being used
Saturday 2 November8am-12pmSki training
Motorised zone
Sunday 3 November9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 6 November4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 9 NovemberFull dayCollege Sport Waka AmaWhole basin
Sunday 10 November9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 13 November4pm-8pmSchools team trainingWhole basin
Saturday 16 NovemberFull daySummer Series Round oneWhole basin
Sunday 17 November9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 20 November4pm-8pmSchools team trainingWhole basin
Saturday 23 November8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 24 November9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 27 November4pm-8pmSchools team trainingWhole basin
Saturday 30 November8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone

December 2019

Day Time Reason for closure Area of basin being used
Sunday 1 December9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 4 December4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 7 DecemberFull dayAuckland 3 EventWhole basin
Sunday 8 DecemberFull dayAuckland 3 EventWhole basin
Wednesday 11 December4pm-8pmSchools team trainingWhole basin
Saturday 14 DecemberFull daySummer Series Round twoWhole basin
Sunday 15 December9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 18 December4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 21 December8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Sunday 22 December9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone

January 2020

Day Time Reason for closure Area of basin being used
Sunday 12 January9am-1pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Wednesday 15 January4pm-8pmSki trainingMotorised zone
Saturday 18 January8am-12pmSki trainingMotorised zone
​Sunday 19 January​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 22 January​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 25 January​8am-12pm​Ski training​Whole basin
​Sunday 26 January9am-1pm​Ski trainingMotorised zone
​Wednesday 29 January​4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone

February 2020

​Day​Time​Reason for closure​Area of basin being used
​Saturday 1 February​Full day​Auckland Trick and Jump​Whole basin
​Sunday 2 February​Full day​Auckland Trick and Jump​Whole basin
​Wednesday 5 February​4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 8 February​8am-12pm​Summer Series Round three​Whole basin
​Sunday 9 February​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
Wednesday 12 February​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 15 February​8am-12pm​Ski training​Whole basin
​Sunday 16 February​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 19 February​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 22 February​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 23 February​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 26 February​4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 29 February​Full day​College Sport Waka Ama​Whole basin

March 2020


​Time​Reason for closure​Area of basin being used
​Wednesday 4 March​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 7 March​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 8 March​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 11 March​4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 14 March​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 15 March​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 18 March​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 21 March​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 22 March​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 25 March​4pm-8pm​Ski trainingWhole basin
​Thursday 26 March​8am-12pm​TWSA Ski School​Whole basin
​Friday 27 March​Full day​TWSA Ski School​Whole basin
​Saturday 28 March​Full day​NZ Open​Whole basin
​Sunday 29 March ​Full dayNZ Open​Whole basin

April 2020

​Day​TimeReason for closure​Area of basin being used​
Wednesday 1 April​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Whole basin
​Saturday 4 April​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 5 April9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 8 April4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 11 April8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 12 April​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
Wednesday 15 April​4pm-8pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 18 April​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 19 April​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Wednesday 22 April​4pm-8pm​Schools team training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 25 April​Full day​Club Champs​Whole basin
​Sunday 26 April​Full day​Club ChampsWhole basin

 May 2020

​Day​Time​Reason for closure​Area of basin being used
​Saturday 2 May​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 3 May​9am-1pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Saturday 9 May​8am-12pm​Ski training​Motorised zone
​Sunday 10 May9am-1pm​Ski trainingMotorised zone

For more information about water ski training bookings, email the Auckland Water Ski Club at, or phone the club on 09 520 1530.

How to make a booking

To make a booking for the basin, contact us

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