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Puhinui Stream Forest Trail

Description of Puhinui Stream Forest Trail

Puhinui Stream Forest Trail is a walk linking Tōtara Park with the Botanic Gardens in Manukau.

The trail winds around Puhinui Stream and through lush forest where many native trees flourish – including kauri, pūriri, tōtara and nīkau. In fact, the combined forest areas have around 155 native plant species.

You can learn about the area's plant life and history along the way.

There are great picnic spots along the trail.

Tōtara Park also has two playgrounds, a public swimming pool which is open during the summer months, and tennis courts that are available to the public free of charge.




2 hours


The path is suitable for all fitness levels, but sensible footwear is advised.

How to access Puhinui Stream Forest Trail

There are multiple entry points onto the trail, and you can walk the full length or take a shorter walk by choosing parts of the trail.

The full trail will lead you on a loop of the forest area.

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