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Tāpapakanga Beachfront campground at Tāpapakanga Regional Park

95 Deerys Road
Orere Point


Help protect our kauri trees

We have closed large sections of our parks network to prevent the spread of kauri dieback.

When you visit our parks you need to clean your footwear and equipment to avoid transferring disease from one area to another. For more information see Protect our kauri trees.

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Booking information

Bookings can only be made six months in advance for campgrounds and baches, and 12 months in advance for lodges. Availability refreshes at midnight daily.

Booking with an underage group

Baches, lodges and bookable picnic sites cannot be booked by people under 18 years of age. You can only use these sites with appropriate supervision.

Camping sites can be booked by groups of people under 18 years of age, but you need parental consent. Read the rules about getting a camping pass for unsupervised groups under the age of 18.

How you can dispose of your waste

All our regional parks are rubbish free. Take all rubbish and recycling with you when you leave.

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About Tapapakanga Beachfront campground

This campground is next to the Ashby Beach foreshore. No caravans, 5th wheelers or campervans are permitted in the campground or along the foreshore with or without SCC.


Located next to the Ashby Beach foreshore.

Learn more about Tapapakanga Regional Park before your visit.

Capacity and times



Maximum stay

7 nights.



$16.00 (GST inclusive)


$6.50 (GST inclusive)






Potable water is available from taps outside both toilet blocks.


Kitchen facilities

The site has several gas BBQ's, which are available for use within walking distance of the campground. We recommend you bring your own gas cooking facilities.


Campervan access

No caravans, 5th wheelers or campervans are permitted in the Beachfront Campground or along the foreshore with or without SCC.



Two toilet blocks on site.



All our regional parks are rubbish free. Take all your rubbish and recycling home with you.

You may not

Have any animals (except aid dogs) on site at any time.

Map of Tapapakanga Regional Park

Report a problem

Call our regional parks team on 09 366 2000, or email enquiries to