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Ture ā-Rohe Mahi Urungi Āhuru 2021

Navigation Bylaw 2021

The Navigation Bylaw sets out the rules for all vessels and people using Auckland's waters to ensure their safety.

You should know

This bylaw replaced the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2014 on 31 July 2021. New requirements and infringement fees apply from 14 August 2021.

​What the Navigation Bylaw 2021 does

The bylaw:

  • makes wearing a lifejacket compulsory when on board a vessel that is up to 6m long, unless the person in charge of that vessel gives you permission not to
  • makes it compulsory to carry a communication device
  • prohibits being in charge of a vessel if you are intoxicated by alcohol or drugs
  • specifies requirements around flotation devices
  • specifies requirements around certain water activities, including water skiing, diving, swimming and using recreational vessels
  • specifies navigation safety and operating requirements, including licensing and permits, and restricted areas
  • specifies requirements for large vessels and hazardous cargo.

Key changes from the Navigation Safety Bylaw 2014

  •  New requirements about communication on a vessel.
  • Prohibited anchoring at the entrance to the Tāmaki River.
  • Restricted access to the commercial port area. 

Infringement regulations

See Maritime Transport (Infringement Fees for Offences—Auckland Council Navigation Bylaw 2021) Regulations 2021 on the New Zealand Legislation website.

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