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Ture ā-Rohe Kōtuinga Tuku Wai me te Waipara 2015

Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw 2015

This bylaw helps protect public water supply and wastewater services in Auckland. It includes rules about connections, water use and nearby activities.

What the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw does

The bylaw:

  • requires authorisation from Watercare to connect to or disconnect from the water supply or wastewater network
  • ensures appropriate standards for any new infrastructure that will be under Watercare's control
  • enables Watercare to refuse connections where there is insufficient network capacity
  • protects the quality of the water supply
  • protects the water supply and wastewater network from damage
  • manages work near the water supply and wastewater network
  • allows for restricting the water supply to maintain enough drinking water, in the event of drought or other emergency
  • prohibits unauthorised taking of water from a hydrant
  • manages inflows and illegal dumping of material into the wastewater network, to avoid wastewater overflows.

What the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw doesn't cover

The bylaw does not cover:

  • on-site wastewater systems in Waiheke Island
  • some areas of the North Shore, Papakura and Rodney Districts - as they are not part of Watercare’s network.

Get a copy of the Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw

Watercare administration

The Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw is administered by Watercare Services Limited.

For more information, call Watercare on 09 442 2222 or fill in an online enquiry form on the Watercare website.

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