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Ngā mahere whakaurutau mō te takutai

Shoreline adaptation plans

Shoreline adaption plans help us prepare for the future of our coasts.

About shoreline adaptation plans

We need to plan for the future management of Auckland Council owned-land and assets on the coast. To do this we are developing a series of shoreline adaptation plans (SAP).

These plans will set out a sustainable, systems-based approach to the management of Auckland's shoreline over the next 100 years.

The plans aim to:

  • manage the impact of erosion and flooding on Auckland's diverse coastline
  • manage the impacts of rising sea levels due to climate change
  • identify risks to safety, coastal defences and surrounding infrastructure
  • set a long-term plan to manage our coastline.

How we are doing this

We will develop each SAP in partnership with mana whenua. We will also seek input from infrastructure providers, technical experts and communities.

Each plan includes three to four months of community engagement. This engagement will help us understand how the community uses and values the coast and how this will change due to impacts of coastal hazards and climate change.

Consultation on the shoreline adaptation plan for Beachlands and East has now closed.

Our team is currently analysing all of the feedback received and writing up the findings. These will be available in the shoreline adaptation plan report.

To learn more, see the Shoreline Adaptation Plan: Beachlands and East.

Visit AK have your say to keep up-to-date on which shoreline adaption plan consultations are open.

Completed shoreline adaptation plans

Whangaparāoa Shoreline Adaptation Plan: Pilot 1

In 2021, we developed our first shoreline adaptation plan pilot for the Whangaparāoa Peninsula.

This report was approved by the Environment and Climate Change committee and is now available.

Get a copy of the report

How we got this far

In 2017, we published the Coastal Management Framework for the Auckland region. The framework recommended the development of shoreline adaptation plans for Auckland's coast.

Get a copy of the Coastal Management Framework

More information

Email for further detail on this project.

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