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Kaupapahere Ara Autaki

Diversion Policy

Our Diversion Policy, which came into force on 1 December 2022, outlines the circumstances in which we grant diversion to members of the public who are charged with criminal offences.

What the Diversion Policy does

The purpose of diversion is to:

  • address offending behaviour that has resulted in charges
  • balance the needs of victims, the offender and their communities (including the need to achieve compliance and remediate any harm)
  • give offenders an opportunity to avoid conviction
  • reduce re-offending.

What the Diversion Policy covers

The policy covers:

  • policy statement and principles
  • decision-making processes
  • diversion recommendations
  • prosecutor referrals
  • referral criteria
  • diversion conditions
  • diversion interviews
  • court adjournments to complete diversion
  • completion or failure to complete diversion conditions
  • extensions of time
  • rights of review
  • privacy considerations
  • monitoring and auditing of diversion.

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