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Te Kaupapa Here Tūhononga Wāhi Urunga

Facility Partnerships Policy

Community facilities contribute to building strong, healthy and vibrant communities and foster belonging and pride.

What is a facility partnership?

A facility partnership is where we invest in a community facility which is - or will be - owned or operated by others. The aim is to create a better facility network for all Aucklanders.

Facility partnerships bring us together with community organisations, government agencies, business and philanthropic investors to deliver more quality facilities, faster and more cost-effectively than what we can deliver on our own.

For a partnership to be successful, all the partners need to have a common vision for what the facility will achieve for the community, and be willing to invest in delivering it.

Facilities we could support through partnerships include:

  • community centres
  • youth centres
  • libraries
  • art centres
  • marae
  • sports facilities
  • rural halls.

What the Facility Partnerships Policy is about

The Facility Partnerships Policy outlines our rationale for entering partnerships, and our approach to selecting, shaping, and supporting them.

The policy will enable us and our community partners to make informed and strategic decisions about shared investment in facilities.

Some partnerships will be simple arrangements between us and one community partner, involving an existing property. Others will be more complex and require larger investments, resulting in a new facility.

The policy provides for partnerships of different types and scales, with different types of organisations and purposes.

The most important thing is whether the partnership has the necessary ingredients to meet the community's needs successfully and sustainably, with a focus on addressing gaps in the existing network .

What the policy covers

  • Why we invest in facilities and partnerships.
  • Different types of facility partnership, and our partnership process.
  • Our investment principles, priorities, and criteria.
  • The importance of partnership relationships.
  • The legal aspects of partnerships.
  • Land and building considerations.

Future partnerships

Following the adoption of the policy in December 2018, we have developed guidance, proposal processes and other support to help our staff and potential partners.

If you are interested in a facility partnership, contact 

The policy, guides, and an example of the Stage One form are presented below.

If you are considering a partnership in the sport and recreation area, be aware that the application process is the same.