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Te Panonitanga o New Lynn

New Lynn transformation

What the New Lynn Transformation programme is about

We are transforming New Lynn into a vibrant metropolitan centre for work, business, shopping, recreation and leisure.

Our goal for New Lynn by 2030 is for it to be:

  • a unique, sustainable, urban place
  • centred on a world-class transit interchange
  • capable of attracting and maintaining a population of 20,000 residents and 14,000 workers.

Projects to achieve New Lynn Transformation

There is a range of projects and initiatives to transform New Lynn.

Some projects have already been delivered since September 2010, including:

  • a kilometre-long underground trench for the railway corridor
  • the transport interchange
  • the Clark Street extension
  • Totara Avenue's shared space
  • the redeveloped Todd Triangle and Gardner Reserve.

Major initiatives to transform New Lynn

Merchant Quarter

Opposite the New Lynn transport interchange, the Merchant Quarter features a public car park, a medical centre and an upgraded McCrae Way, which is now a shared space.

Great North Road and Delta Ave have also been upgraded, giving New Lynn residents, visitors and workers a more pleasant and pedestrian-friendly 'high street' to enjoy.

Crown Lynn

Crown Lynn was originally a clay pits site and will be redeveloped to include a mainly residential, mixed-use neighbourhood built around a stunning new park.

The area has the potential to accommodate up to 1800 new homes and 40,000 square metres of new employment floor area, providing facilities, jobs and high-quality urban environments.

Roading transformations

To make New Lynn more pedestrian-friendly, we are creating:

  • new and wider footpaths on Great North Road and Delta Triangle
  • vehicle access to Delta Ave from Great North Road for city-bound traffic
  • rain garden to help manage stormwater run-off
  • extensive landscaping including new trees, low-level planting, seating and efficient street lighting
  • pedestrian islands and pram crossings.

Tiverton Road and Wolverton Street are also getting a major upgrade.

Two lanes in each direction are being created to remove the bottleneck and strengthen connections between New Lynn, Rosebank Road, Lansford Crescent, and the SH20 extension at Mt Roskill.

Safer cycling

New Lynn's Clark Street boasts new cycle-safety measures, the first of their kind in the country.

They include raised lane marking and flexible bollards which mark the edge of the cycle lane.