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Te whakahou wai ua i Te Kūiti Te Atatū

Te Atatū Peninsula stormwater upgrade

This project will reduce the risk of flooding and provide infrastructure necessary for future growth.

About the project

The Te Atatū Peninsula stormwater upgrade project will:
  • extend the network for new and future housing development
  • give existing properties not currently served by public stormwater facilities the opportunity to connect to the main network.

The proposed design is part of a $30 million investment and includes three areas of the peninsula.

The project will focus on:

  • the construction and upgrade of underground pipelines
  • connecting to existing outfalls
  • incorporating nature-based solutions, including increased planted areas for water soakage and filtration.

Area overviewMap shows the three areas on the Te Atatū Peninsula for upgrade.

Area one: north-east peninsula

A new stormwater pipe will be built around Clinton Avenue, Roby Street, Durham Street, London Street and Waipani Road. It will go out to sea through an existing coastal outfall near Waimanu Bay Reserve.

Map shows proposed new pipeline on the north-east peninsula. This includes parts of Waipani Road, London Street, Durham Street,Clinton Avenue, Roby Street, Beach Road and Spinnaker Drive. It also shows the existing outfall on Spinnaker Drive.
Area two: north-west peninsula

A new stormwater pipe network will be built along Kervil Avenue, connecting to the existing network at Glenford Lane and the existing outfall in the estuary west of Matipo Road.

Map shows the proposed new pipeline and existing outfall along Shamrock Lane and Kervil Avenue.

Area three: south-west peninsula

New stormwater pipelines will be built to serve the area between Taikata Road in the north and Yeovil Road in the south. Pipes will discharge via existing outfalls near River Road and Bridgens Avenue.

Map shows proposed new pipeline and existing outfall on River Road, Taikata Road, Peachgrove Road, Yeovil Road and Bridgens Avenue.

Next steps

An application for resource consent is currently in progress. If granted, construction is expected to begin in late 2023.

More information

Email for more information about this project.

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