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BalloonsBalloons ​water ballonsPlastic
Bank cardBank card ​​credit card, debit card, eftpos, prezzie card, gift cardPlastic
Biodegradable bottlesBiodegradable bottles ​degradable bottlesPlastic
Biscuit, cracker, cake trays - PlasticBiscuit, cracker, cake trays - Plastic ​cracker container, biscuit packaging trayPlastic
Cartons (with a paper and plastic layer)Cartons (with a paper and plastic layer) ​tetrapak, tetra pak ult package, cardboard milk carton, milk carton, soy milk carton, long life carton, long life milk carton Metal Paper and cardboard Plastic
Coffee cup and lid - single useCoffee cup and lid - single usePaper and cardboard Plastic
Coffee pods, capsulesCoffee pods, capsulesMetal Plastic
Corflute - corrugated plasticCorflute - corrugated plasticPlastic
Dental floss containersDental floss containersPlastic
Engine oil containersEngine oil containersHazardous waste and chemicals Plastic
Glue sticksGlue sticks ​​glue bottlePlastic
Household appliancesHousehold appliances ​food processor, blender, iron, microwave, toaster, nutribullet, microwave ovenElectronic devices and accessories Household items and furniture Metal Plastic
HubcapHubcap ​hub cap, hubcap, aluminium, plasticMetal Plastic