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Whakaitihia ō toenga kai, me ō para māra

Reduce your food scraps and garden waste

​Reduce food scraps

  • Plan ahead and buy only the kai you will need in quantity your family uses.
  • Store your kai items correctly so they last longer.
  • Use leftovers to make more meals - check out the Love Food Hate Waste on Facebook for tips and recipes.

For more information on how to stop wasting kai, see the Love Food Hate Waste website.

Reduce garden waste

You cannot put out garden waste in your regular rubbish collection. You have to book a green waste collection company to dispose of it.

Reduce garden waste by:

  • mulching your lawn clippings and woody waste
  • recycling your grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn after mowing, to return vital nutrients to the soil
  • cutting only the top third of the grass each time
  • replanting sections of your lawn with slow growing native ground covers.


You can further reduce your food and garden waste by composting.

You can compost:

  • food scraps except meat, bones and oils
  • tea and coffee grounds
  • garden waste
  • tissues and paper towels
  • paper and cardboard
  • vacuum dust.

Composting reduces the amount of waste you put out for rubbish collection while adding nutrients to your soil.

Find out more about council funded composting on the Compost Collective website.

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