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Auckland Council

Our research and evaluation resources

Our research and evaluation unit

RIMU - our research and evaluation unit - carries out evidence-gathering functions:

  • research
  • monitoring
  • evaluation
  • reporting

to ensure our decision-making is based on robust evidence in the context of growth and change. The unit provides high quality evidence to assist policy development, implementation and evaluation.

RIMU offers a range of research services to all council departments and council-controlled organisations (CCOs) and promotes council research results and publications to the wider community.

Environmental monitoring

RIMU provides an essential component of New Zealand's national monitoring programme, by monitoring and reporting on the state and trends of Auckland's environment.

Knowledge Auckland website

The Knowledge Auckland website is managed by RIMU. It provides research, information, analysis and data about about Auckland's communities, the Auckland economy and the Auckland environment.

Environmental data

Email RIMU's environmental data team if you would like data on rainfall, water quality figures or air quality information.

Specialist websites

Auckland counts – for Auckland's census data.

Auckland economic profile – for information about Auckland's economy.

Environmental data online and State of Auckland for Auckland environmental data and report cards.

More information

For more information about research projects and technical publications, email the RIMU team.