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Auckland Council

Pre-election reports

Nga rīpoata o mua i ngā pōti

The purpose of the pre-election report is to provide information about the issues we face.

What is a pre-election report?

The pre-election report is prepared by our chief executive, and must by law be politically independent. The report is a requirement for all councils under the Local Government Act.

In providing information about the issues we face, the report promotes public discussion ahead of the council elections, to help voters and elected members make informed decisions.

Pre-election report 2019

The latest pre-election report looks at key issues facing Auckland in 2019, including:

  • transport
  • diversity and inequality
  • enhancing Māori identity and wellbeing
  • climate change. 

Read the pre-election report 2019 on the Vote Auckland website

Pre-election report 2016

This report touches on some of our key milestones since 2010, when we were created. It provides a snapshot of our performance, as well as key financial measures from the last three years and projections for the next three.

It includes discussion on some major decisions we may have to make in the areas of:

  • transport
  • housing
  • port needs
  • our services
  • ways to fund investments
  • ways to make the most of our current assets.

Get a copy of the pre-election report 2016

Pre-election report 2013

The pre-election report 2013 was our very first pre-election report.

This report includes financial results for the 2010-2013 financial years preceding the election, and projections for the three years following.

This report includes a forecasted result for the 2012/2013 year, as the final audited financial results for this period were not to be reported to council until September 2013.

The report is prepared on a group basis, including council-controlled organisations. It covers operating expenditure, major projects and capital expenditure, debt projections and rates projections for 2014-2017.

Get a copy of the pre-election report 2013