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Te Komiti Tātari me te Mātai Raru Tūpono

Audit and Risk Committee

What the Audit and Risk Committee does

This committee reviews the effectiveness of:

  • enterprise risk management across organisation
  • internal and external audit and assurance
  • health, safety and wellbeing
  • business continuity and resilience
  • integrity and investigations
  • monitoring of compliance with laws and regulations.


Paul Connell  Independent (external to Auckland Council).

Deputy Chairperson

Cr Lotu Fuli


Cr Angela Dalton

Cr Christine Fletcher

Cr Shane Henderson

Cassandra Crowley – Independent

Martin Matthews – Independent

Ex-officio: Mayor Wayne Brown, Deputy Mayor Desley Simpson.

Independent Māori Statutory Board member

Tony Kake –  Ex-officio

Governance Advisor

Mike Giddey

09 890 8143 or 027 221 7183


See dates and times of meetings in the current year.

See agendas and minutes of past meetings.

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