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Takinga mahi me tōna puata mai

Performance and transparency



Information about our staff about our staffFind out about our staff costs, numbers, salaries and pay gaps.aspxTransparency
Citizens Insights Monitor Insights MonitorThe Citizens Insights Monitor (CIM) measures trust and confidence in Auckland Council and shows us what matters to Aucklanders.aspxPlans
Elected members' attendance at meetings members' attendance at meetingsAttendance levels for Auckland's councillors and mayor in committee meetings and workshops. aspxOrganisations and bodies Elected representatives
Staff gift register gift registerRegister of gifts recently received by Auckland Council employees.aspxOrganisations and bodies
Responses about the 2022 Auckland local elections about the 2022 Auckland local electionsResponses for a request for information relating to the 2022 local election.aspxOrganisations and bodies Elections
Human Mobility Insights Project Mobility Insights ProjectFind out how and why we used mobile phone location data to make local board investment decisions, and what this means for you.aspxPrivacy, terms and conditions Transparency

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Privacy and official information requests and official information requestsRead about our official information services, how to make an official information request, read published responses to information requests.aspx
Our finances financesFind out more about budgets, major projects, annual reports and group quarterly performance.aspx
About Auckland Council Auckland CouncilHow Auckland Council works, local elections, finances, procurement, official information and privacy, council-controlled organisations, executive lead team and elected representatives.aspx
Local elections electionsEverything you need to know about the Local elections for Tāmaki Makaurau / Auckland.aspx
Our research and evaluation resources research and evaluation resourcesRIMU is our environmental, social, economic and cultural research centre.aspxOrganisations and bodies
Meetings of council bodies of council bodiesFind out when and where meetings are taking place.aspx