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Building and consents website restructure

We have restructured the "Consents, building and renovation projects" section of our website to make items easier to find and the consenting process easier to follow.

​​Working with the consenting process – whether for building or resource consents – can be confusing at times and many people struggle to find the right information.

In line with Auckland Council and central Government objectives to simplify the consenting process, we have reorganised our consent-related website information.

The consenting process remains the same, but we repositioned many of the related web pages to make them easier to find.

Information on resource and building consents was mixed together as part of a 10-step journey, but from 1 July 2020 these subjects will be moved into separate sections (as shown below).

Screenshot of the "Building consents" and "Resource consents" landing pages

We have also developed step-by-step guides to help customers move along the consenting process (as shown below).

See Building consent 10-step guide

See Resource consent 10-step guide

Screenshot of the step-by-step guide pages for Building consent and Resource consent processes.

These alterations only change the way in which we display some of our information. As a result of the changes, if you have bookmarked a regularly visited page or section, there is a chance that website bookmark will no longer work, and you may have to reset it.

Also going live on 1 July, the first day of the 20/21 financial year, are minor content changes on the following pages:

  • Apply for a building consent to install a solar or heat pump water heating device
  • Install wall insulation
  • Regular safety checks of your pool fence and barrier
  • Building warrant of fitness (BWOF)
  • Industrial cooling tower water systems
  • Earthquake-prone buildings.

We believe our small website restructure is in the best interest of our customers and was designed around your direct feedback to us.

We encourage you to leave your comments on the changes using the Yes/No device at the bottom of this webpage.