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Premium Service

Our Premium Service

We recognise some projects are highly complex.

The Premium Service is a tailored project management service for complex developments that need a higher level of council support and management through the resource and building consent, engineering approval, and compliance process.

Key features of our Premium Service 

Applicants using Premium Project Management Service can benefit from a collaborative partnership based on understanding your business, co-developing a strategy, and resolving issues ahead of submitting consent applications.

Our Premium Project Management Service adds value by:

  • discussing your proposal and consenting strategy at an early stage
  • providing one point of contact (your principal project lead) for both your project team and the internal team, ensuring clear and constant communication
  • giving your project access to experienced resource consent, building consent and engineering advisors
  • managing the consenting process and coordinating the large amounts of specialist and expert input required to determine your resource consent or building consent
  • providing a strong focus on resolving issues ahead of lodging your application and removing delays in unnecessary requests for further information
  • providing coordination, mediation and resolution services with our different departments, CCOs or other parties as required
  • managing media, enquiries, local board requests and other communications including mayoral, in collaboration with your communication or media teams
  • agreeing timeframes and budgets with you up front, with regular checks on performance and progress throughout the approvals process.

If your proposal is eligible and we accept it as a Premium Service project, it will maintain that status throughout its different variations, amendments and staged consents.

Eligibility for our Premium Service

Projects eligible for Premium Service usually have a build cost of more than $100m and complex resource requirements.

This could include a development or event with:

  • national or regional significance
  • a high media profile or political attention
  • significant unresolved environmental, infrastructure or funding issues that, if not resolved, place the development at risk of not going ahead - this may require coordination with the Development Programme Office to facilitate the drafting of Infrastructure Funding Agreements
  • significant specialist, engineering or council involvement
  • a long-term program of dependent consents (within a defined redevelopment boundary or precinct plan area) by one or more applicants
  • consents lodged in parallel with designations and plan changes.

Projects using Premium Service

Examples of projects that have used our Premium Service include:

  • America's Cup and associated downtown works programme
  • Northern Corridor motorway improvements
  • City Rail Loop
  • Tāmaki Redevelopment including both housing and essential infrastructure
  • 277 Broadway shopping centre redevelopment
  • NZ International Conference Centre construction
  • Pacifica Apartments (50+ storeys )
  • Commercial Bay shopping centre and tower redevelopment and construction.

Get started with Premium Service

The first step is a scoping meeting held between yourself and a Premium Principal Project Lead.

This project meeting and following pre-application discussions are held early - often in the preliminary design phase. This is to ensure we understand the scope and scale of the project, identify the issues involved and specialist skills required early on in your design process.

The value we add is through early dialogue in an extended 'pre-application phase', identifying and resolving any issues and complexities before lodgement.

Our Premium Service model works best in a high-trust, high-communication, collaborative relationship between us and you:

We can offer a quality process with a strong focus on identifying and mitigating risks, and finding solutions.

You need to be open, transparent, and timely with a quality application and timely project implementation.

Premium Service fees

You will need to pay an up-front deposit based on your project's value.

Any further charges will be based on the complexity of the project.

You will receive monthly billing and reporting.

More information on Premium Service

For more information, email us at