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Ngā Pūrongo hei whakaemi ka anga mua ana koe

Documentation to collect as you go

Documentation you need to collect

Your consents will detail the documentation you need to collect throughout your project. The documents will demonstrate compliance and are necessary for you to get your final sign-off at the end of the project.

If you applied for your consent online upload the documents as you collect them. We will check you have all the required documents before the final inspection on your project.

Producer statements

There are several different types of producer statements which we may request.

The producer statement is evidence that the design or building work complies, or will comply, with the Building Code.

Record of work (RoW)

All restricted building work (RBW) must be carried out by a Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP).

Once all work is complete, your LBP needs to complete a record of works (RoW) and submit it to us. You will also get a copy in your building consent folder.


As listed on your consent documents, you need to have warranties from the installer, especially for waterproof membranes.


Some trades (electrical, gas, etc.) need to provide certificates under their own legislation.

As-built plan

An as-built plan is most commonly needed for drainage work. This needs to be given to the on site inspector.



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