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Te hātepe Tohutohu Pūkahatanga Kapura (FEB)

The Fire Engineering Brief (FEB) process

The purpose of the FEB process is to help stakeholders agree at an early stage on the way to assess your fire safety design and the acceptance criteria. This includes the building consent review process (BCA or independent peer review).

Fire safety design solutions

Your project needs to comply with the building codes fire safety design requirements clauses C1 to C6.

Designs complying in full with a recognised Acceptable Solution compliance document are not subject to the FEB process.

You will need to follow the FEB process if your project has fire safety design solutions that:

Our Fire Protection Guidance AC1826 document provides advice on the consent process for applications involving fire design requirements.

Refer to AC1826 before you undertake a design that incorporates an "alternative design" solution. With alternative solutions you have to demonstrate, in your application, how your design will meet the performance requirements of the building code.

Your designer or engineer can also provide advice on following the FEB process.

​Auckland Council position statement for the acceptance of fire stopping

How to start the FEB process

You can submit FEB documentation by email.

You can also request pre-application guidance, request a meeting, and submit documentation to start the FEB process.

You should know

  • All applications need to be submitted for a review.
  • If a project meets the definition of high-consequence and complex design work (refer to AC1826 Part 7), the decision of the peer reviewer and/or regulatory reviewer is solely at our discretion.
  • A peer reviewer cannot undertake this process on our behalf.
  • If you have difficulty attaching large files to the online form, email the FEB team:
  • FEB meetings are usually held at Auckland House, 135 Albert Street, Auckland CBD.
  • You can also meet with us online or arrange a meeting location with the FEB team. If we need to travel to meet you, we may ask you to pay for travel costs.

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