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Check if you need a consent to install or alter an on-site wastewater system

When you might need a building and resource consent to install or alter an on-site wastewater system

You will need a building consent, and you may need a resource consent to install a new wastewater system or to make proposed alterations to that system. The consents ensure the system complies with the building code and doesn't endanger the environment or public health.

You may need a resource consent for discharging the treated wastewater (water from showers, baths, washing machines and toilets) onto or into your land.

​You will need to renew your consent when it expires (usually after 10 or 15 years).

Our tip

If you sell your property, you will need to transfer the consent to the new owner. Otherwise we will continue to charge you the monitoring fee.

Reasons why else you might need a resource consent

  • Your proposed works don't comply with the Auckland Unitary Plan, Chapter E5 rules.
  • Your proposed effluent field will be installed:
    • in the '1 in 20yr ARI floodplain' area
    • on earthworked or potentially compacted land
  • Your system and design is not in accordance with the Technical Publication No. 58 (TP58).

Proposed works that might not need a building or resource consent

You can do maintenance, minor repairs, replacements or alterations to drains or a component of an existing system, without a building consent.

Auckland Unitary Plan, Chapter E5 lists permitted activities (P) for which you won't need a resource consent. It also states the standards for those activities.

You still need to ensure your proposed works comply with the New Zealand Building Code.

You should know

Your building work must:
  • comply with the Building Code, even if no building consent is needed
  • not damage public service drains if its foundations are close to the pipes.

​How to check if you need a consent to install a wastewater system

 By phone

​09 301 0101.

 In person

​At one of our service centres.

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