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Other structures used as part of the pool barrier

Ētahi atu whakatūranga hei ārai puna wai kaukau

Using a building as a part of pool barrier

If you plan to use a building to form part of the pool barrier, all windows and doors leading out into the pool area, must comply with the building code, which means:

  • opening windows that have an internal floor-to-window-sill height of less than 1m must have either:
    • restrictors attached so that they cannot open more than 100mm
    • a permanent fixed screen over the opening with gaps of no more than 100mm
  • doors need to:
    • either emit an audible warning when open (alarm must comply with Acceptable Solutions for NZ Building Code clause F9 or close automatically after use
    • not open more than 1m
    • have a self-latching device installed at 1.5m or higher
    • have a sign attached to the inside of the door stating "Swimming pool - Close the door" (must comply with F8
    • be a single-leaf, hinged or sliding door - not bi-fold, stacker-slider or French (double) doors.

Using boundary fencing as part of pool barrier

If your proposed pool barrier is located on a property boundary, it needs to:

  • be not less than 1800mm high, measured from the ground level on the pool side
  • have no openings that a 100mm diameter sphere could pass through
  • be located not less than 1000mm horizontally from the water's edge
  • have a 900 mm high unclimbable zone on the pool side of the barrier that begins not more than 150mm from the top.

If your proposed pool is less than 1m from the boundary fence, you have to apply for an alternative solution as part of your building consent.

If your existing boundary fence complies with the Schedule to the fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987 then it will continue to apply.

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