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Kimihia he Mātanga Mana Motuhake



Sehaam Ali Ali
Mareko (Lex) Afamasaga (Lex) Afamasaga
Andrew John Turner John Turner
Ralph Kenneth Abercrombie Kenneth Abercrombie
Ethan Alex Brierly Alex Brierly
Ian Douglas Brierly Douglas Brierly
Peter John Abrahall John Abrahall
Jainendra Latchman Latchman
Peter Edward Acott Edward Acott
Denis Adams Adams
Warren Ah Mai Ah Mai
Robert William Airlie William Airlie
Devon Michael Alai Michael Alai
John Samuel Alexander Samuel Alexander
Roy Allan Allan
Ravi Alwis Alwis
Albert Amels Amels
Matthew Thomas Anderson Thomas Anderson
Murray Herbert Andrews Herbert Andrews
Dennis Peter Armatage Peter Armatage

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