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Add a record of exempt building work to a property file

As the owner, you can place a record on your property file regarding work you believe to be exempt from needing a building consent.

​Exempt building work

You should know

Exempt building work is not checked or inspected by us. It is your responsibility to ensure that the work is exempt by getting advice from a professional.
All building work regardless of whether a building consent is required, must comply with the New Zealand Building Code.
Undertaking building work without a building consent (when one is required) is an offence.

To create an accurate record of improvements and renovations, you can include exempt building work on a property file. This is helpful if you wish to sell a property.

Complete the 'Record of exempt building work' form below and submit it to us. including drawings of what has been built or renovated. This keeps property records up-to-date and identifies all on-site work.

Drawings must be suitable for scanning and accurately portray the work. Do not use any previously stamped plans.

We do not send any formal acknowledgement of your submission, but can supply a copy of the date-stamped application form to show it has been received.

Fees to add a record of exempt building work

Fees are indicative pricing only. All fixed fees are non-refundable.

Read fee table.
Description Fixed fee
Receiving third party reports or any other information to place on a property file - Fixed fee (non-refundable, no additional charges) $265

​Add a record of exempt building work


​To add a record of exempt building work to your property file, apply online:

Record of exempt building work

We only accept online applications for this service. If you are unable to apply digitally, visit one of our service centres for assistance in making your online application.

Call us on 09 301 0101 to speak with our building and planning help desk if you have questions regarding your application.

Installations without building consent

In order to verify that the installed items are safe to be used and complies with the New Zealand Building Code, you will need to:

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