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What are development contributions?

Development contributions help recover the costs of infrastructure we provide to support growth in Auckland.

Why we charge development contribution fees

Auckland is growing at a rapid pace, and the population is expected to reach two million over the next decade.

To accommodate this growth, the Auckland Plan provides a vision for development around the region. This will mean more development in Auckland's existing urban areas, as well as growth in new urban areas.

Development contributions are a fee that we charge for new developments to contribute to the costs of building the infrastructure that supports them.

We charge these fees if the new development requires us to provide new or upgraded infrastructure for:

  • transport, footpaths, roads and intersections
  • parks, park facilities and sports grounds
  • drainage systems and stormwater mitigation
  • community facilities.

Water infrastructure charges

Watercare supplies the infrastructure for wastewater and water supply.

It recovers the cost of these assets by charging infrastructure growth charges.

Types of developments for which we charge development contributions

Developments that require a subdivision consent, land use consent or building consent will be assessed for development contributions.

This includes:

  • new subdivisions
  • new house builds
  • student accommodation
  • granny flats
  • new retail space
  • new office space
  • commercial premises
  • new apartments in old buildings.

We don't charge development contributions for house extensions.

How we set charges based on development type 

Different types of development pay different development contributions.

The level of demand for us to invest in infrastructure determines the price we set. For example, a shopping centre will cause more traffic movement than a house. This means the transport development contributions will be higher.

Non-residential developments do not need investment in parks and community facilities. These are only charged to residential developments, such as new subdivisions or new house builds.

The Development Contributions Policy

The Development Contributions Policy provides:

  • a record of how infrastructure for growth is to be funded
  • transparency of what is to be funded and what has been delivered
  • information about how much we charge for development contributions.

To read more about the policy, see the Development Contributions Policy page.

More information

For more information about development contributions, email

You can also call one of our area offices:

Area Phone number
Northern09 486 8413
Central09 261 8594
Western09 890 7838
Southern (Manukau)09 262 5457
Southern (Papakura and Pukekohe)09 977 5927

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