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Estimate your development contributions

Whakaarotia te rahi o āu oha whakawhanake

What you need to tell us

Residential development projects

  • Number of units and the size in square meters, for a standalone house or minor unit.
  • Number of units (low rise) and the size in square meters, for townhouses and duplexes.
  • Number of units (medium to high rise) and the size in square meters, for apartments.
  • Number of rooms, for a rest home or hospital care institution.
  • Number of accommodation units, for a hotel or motel.
  • The area of the development which is not capable of absorbing rainwater.

Non-residential development projects

For projects like retail and hospitality services, and commercial office spaces, you would need to tell us:

  • the total floor area measured from the exterior walls
  • the area of the site which is not capable of absorbing rainwater.

Development contributions estimator

Get an indication of the contribution charges you may need to pay.

Estimate your contributions

The fees are based on the number of residential dwellings (equivalent household units - EHUs) involved in your project. The How we set Development Contributions charges document explains how we calculate these in more detail.

Our tip

There are no charges for water supply and wastewater infrastructure under this policy. The cost of this infrastructure is charged directly by Veolia Water (Papakura) or Watercare Services Limited (rest of Auckland).

How to use the development contributions estimator

After launching the contributions estimator, you will be prompted to enter the address or legal description of the property.

You will need to answer a number of questions and select the existing use of the property and type of the proposed development.

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