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Construct drainage over neighbouring properties

Whakatū manga i runga i ngā whenua pātata

Engineering approval to construct drainage over neighbouring properties involves sections 460 and 181of the Local Government Act.

Get approval from your neighbour

If you want to construct drainage over neighbouring properties you will need their approval.

If your neighbours refuse to grant you approval, you can apply for a consent under the Local Government Act.

Let us know if an agreement is reached

Private negotiations are the most appropriate and effective means of resolution.

If you and your neighbours come to an agreement, you can notify us that the affected land owners have granted you permission to lay and connect drainage.

Complete this form and deliver it in person or by post.

 In person

​Download, complete and bring the neighbours' consent form to a service centre. Choose the one nearest to the address of your project.

 By post

​Download, complete and send the neighbours' consent form to:

Auckland Council

  Private Bag 92300

  Auckland 1142

If you don't reach agreement

If you have been unable to gain approval from your neighbours to put drainage over their properties,  you can apply to us to provide facilitation services.

Complete the facilitation services form below and either deliver in person or by post.

Our tip

You should use this application only after all of your efforts to reach an agreement with your neighbours have failed. You will also need to have engineering planning approval.
Fees for engineering approval under Local Government Act sections 460 and 181 vary, but could be significant depending on the project.

 In person

Download and complete the application form.

Bring your application form and supporting documents to a service centre (nearest to the address of your project), and pay by:

  • cash
  • cheque
  • Eftpos
  • MasterCard or Visa (a convenience fee of 1.75 per cent of your payment amount applies).

 By post

Download and complete the application form.

Send your application form, supporting documents and cheque payment to:

Auckland Council

  Private Bag 92300

  Auckland 1142

Facilitation Services

Facilitation services aims to mediate an agreement between landowners.

Where no agreement is possible, we may undertake the works as a council project, using powers to enter private property under the Local Government Act 2002.

Before we issue a notice under the Local Government Act 2002, applicants should have an approved resource consent for their project.

What happens next

Our development engineers will:

  • receive design proposals and all historical communications between you and the affected landowners

  • investigate and prepare a report (if the findings are in support of the application)

  • present the report to our committee for consideration.

We will invite all affected parties to a meeting to present our findings and decisions and hear concerns.

Once approval is given under Local Government Act sections 460 and 181, you are likely to need to either Apply for a minor engineering approval or Apply for a major engineering approval.


Our tip

Procedures and appeal rights are set out in the Local Government Act, and must be followed. If you are not happy with our decision, you can appeal to the district court.

​Find out more

Contact us and ask to speak to the duty engineer in your area.


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