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Te whakawhiwhi nama mō ngā rawa

Property numbering

Street numbers in Auckland must follow certain standards to make sure emergency services and other groups can find any address quickly and easily.

​Why your property must follow the numbering standards

For emergency services like fire, police and ambulance, it's critical properties on all streets are numbered consistently. This makes sure there is no delay in getting help where it's needed.

Consistent numbering also helps other services like post, power and water.

Our role in property numbering

The street numbering standards are set by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ).

Although we allocate street numbers, LINZ can instruct us to change a street number if it doesn't meet the standard.

View the street numbering standards

To view the standards we follow, see the LINZ website.

Adding new street numbers

Street numbers are allocated:

  • for subdivisions, as part of the resource consent process
  • for new occupancies (minor dwellings, units or premises), when added to an existing property
  • for rural addresses, when we receive a site plan that shows where the driveway or gateway will be for the property. 

Contact our Property Data team for advice on the numbering for your subdivision or development.

09 301 0101 and ask for a duty Property Data team member

Changing existing street numbers

As streets and properties are developed, we sometimes need to change existing addresses to maintain consistency with the standards.

In these situations the developer is responsible for communicating with the affected property owners.

You can't change a street number for a cultural, religious or superstitious reason.

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